“Pet” girl kicked off bus

 | January 25, 2008 8:46 PM

I told someone about this story and he said maybe we as Christians are like this “pet” girl. We just want God to lead us around and tell us what to do, we don’t want to make decisions and we don’t want to take responsibility. My reaction to this story was I thought it was kind of sad but I am not that deep.

“Pet” girl kicked off bus

LONDON (Reuters) – A British bus company has apologized to a girl who is led around on a leash by her boyfriend and describes herself as a human pet after one of its drivers threw her off a bus.

Tasha Maltby, 19, told British newspapers she was the “pet” of her 25-year-old fiance Dani Graves.


“I am a pet,” she told the Daily Mail. “I generally act animal-like and I lead a really easy life. I don’t cook or clean and I don’t go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

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