Explaining the Macintosh Surge

 | January 26, 2008 1:12 PM

Recently I purchased a Macbook for the family (I’m posting with it right now) and overall have enjoyed the experience. I think the iLife suite is great and I like the general feel of the Macbook.

Acer Extensa 5420On the other hand I also bought an Acer laptop from Best Buy for the children and have been quite dissatisfied with Windows Vista. It keeps freezing and now the laptop has completely crashed and I need to reinstall Windows Vista (part of the blame might be Isaac’s but still it seems rather fragile).

David PogueDavid Pogue, one of my favorite columnists, posted this blog article about the “Macintosh Surge”. By the way, one of the things I like about David Pogue is that he and I own the same things, a Prius, a Nikon SLR, etc.

Pogue’s Posts: Explaining the Macintosh Surge
By David Pogue
Published: January 18, 2008
What’s behind the surge in Apple’s computer sales? Could it be. . .Vista?

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Mark R. wrote a comment on January 26, 2008

I bought my first Mac a year ago, and my second three months ago. I hope I never have to buy a PC again… although I will always need Boot Camp.

essny wrote a comment on January 28, 2008

we should ichat one day.

fkimplicity » Windows Vista Revisited sent a pingback on May 24, 2008

[…] I had talked about my disappointment with Windows Vista in my Explaining the Macintosh Surge […]

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