Happy 40th Birthday Alan!

 | January 27, 2008 11:16 AM

Today is my best friend’s 40th Birthday! Happy Birthday Alan!

Here is a short message for Alan that I sent his wife for the scrapbook that she was compiling.

Dear Alan,Alan Kwok, OD

When we met you didn’t want to be my friend. You wanted to be friends with the Italians. But I showed up at your house every day and forced you to be my friend, playing tennis whenever you wanted to and complimenting your parents’ belongings. I still wish you let me eat your parents’ food at least once.

Then you became a Christian and wouldn’t evangelize me or tell me anything about your faith. But I became a Christian anyway.

Finally you married a Californian and said you were going to move to California. But I foiled your plans of desertion by moving to California ahead of you.

See, you can get never get rid of me. 🙂

Happy 40th Birthday Alan. I love you.


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