Setting up Gmail with Apple Mail

 | January 27, 2008 8:05 AM

I love Gmail. It’s fast, it’s way of organizing and viewing mail I think is the best, and it has great search functionality.

However lately I’ve become frustrated with Gmail’s numerous hangups and crashes and with its poor contact manager that insists on saving every person I email. After it stopped working with Safari one night I decided to try setting it up with Apple Mail.

Mail with Gmail offers the advantage of working with Address Book, having a quicker interface and not hanging or crashing. I still prefer though the way Gmail organizies and displays mail.

First I set up Apple Mail using Gmail’s instructions. Because of the tens of thousands of messages I have on Gmail it actually takes a quite while to complete though it is usable almost immediately.

Then I tweaked it using the instructions in this blog article,
Gmail IMAP: Tips and Tricks. The only thing I did different was I disabled Mail’s junk mail filtering, I am just going to rely on Gmail’s which is really the best I’ve seen.

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