Tigers in the News

 | February 5, 2008 8:46 AM

Bengal TigerI think it’s pretty brave to give mouth to mouth to a tiger, even if it’s a cub. 🙂

Student’s mouth-to-muzzle saves tiger cub

In other news a tiger killed a patron at the San Francisco Zoo and was shot afterwards by police. Later it was reported the patrons were drunk and were antagonizing and berating the tiger but that may have been a lie. Recent articles have been questioning how San Francisco Zoo is run. I think it’s sad that the tiger was killed instead of tranquilized. In general I think most zoos are inhumane, caging animals just for peoples’ entertainment. Exceptions are such excellent zoos as San Diego Zoo and Toronto Zoo.

Tiger kills San Francisco Zoo patron, injures two others

Tiger attack draws scrutiny to San Francisco zoo director

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