Christianity Today has an article about a Korean-American church suing a mostly White-American church for racism.

It is not clear what happened. The Korean-American church offered $1 million to buy a church which ended up selling to another church for $500,000. The Korean-American church claims they negotiated for over three months but the selling church claims no legitimate offer was made.

It may have been an issue of language but I am sad to say it probably was racism. Some white suburbs don’t like the idea of a large Korean-American church in their community, with all the crazy early morning prayers, evening revivals, and kimchee feasts. 🙂 The courts will have the final say.

Church v. Church
Korean American congregation alleges racial discrimination in church property sale.
Lisa Parro | posted 2/06/2008 09:15AM

One Response to “Korean-American Church sues White-American Church for Racism”

Mark R. wrote a comment on February 7, 2008

That is so nutty. You know, it takes a special kind of racism to forgo half a million dollars. I wonder if there wasn’t some other factor at work.

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