WordPress Themes

 | February 17, 2008 1:32 PM

One of the nicest things about WordPress are the themes.  On my business blog I am using the Connections theme.

On this blog I first tried the NewZen theme which has nice Web 2.0 features.  Then I tried others before settling on the vSlider 3.1 theme.

I like vSlider’s for many reasons but here are some reasons I settled on it.

  1. clean and simple design
  2. rotating customizable header images.   The two header images currently on this site are one of Sunday service at my old church, Highrock, (can you see me and my mother?) and the other is of Dylan playing.  Both were taken by friends, indiecowgirl and Jimmy Song, and I received permission to use their photos.
  3. ability to display posts as open or closed (i.e. only the title showing) with a button that toggles between
  4. easily customizable using web interface.  Some of the customizations I made include:
    1. changing sidebar width from 226 pixels to 186 pixels
    2. show all posts as open
    3. added credit for header images to footer

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