Isaac – “he laughs”

 | February 20, 2008 9:59 PM

Isaac enjoying a merry go roundToday I was reading Genesis 17 and in it God tells Abraham that Sarah will have a son and his name will be Isaac which means “he laughs”.

My second boy’s name is Isaac. We had actually planned on naming him Zachary with the nickname Zach but both of our parents objected because “Z”‘s are hard to pronounce for Koreans. Ji Seon also started to like the name Isaac more and thought we could still use the nickname Zach

The nickname Zach never stuck. Even the name Isaac didn’t seem to fit for me at first but the more he grows the more the name becomes so appropriate. Isaac loves to laugh and is so quick with a smile. He is quite a charmer and easily brings a smile to so many others.

“He laughs.” I love that name. I love that boy.

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