Sharing iTunes library between users

 | February 24, 2008 7:06 PM

iTunesJi Seon and I both use our new Macbook so I decided it’d be easiest if we shared our iTunes library.

To do this I followed the instructions in this blog article, Sharing iTunes and iPhoto libraries between users.

Basically it involves a few steps.

  1. Move iTunes library folder which is found in the Music folder in the home directory to a directory all users can access like /Users/Shared.
  2. Change all the contents of the iTunes folder to be writable by all users.
    $ chmod -R g+w iTunes/
  3. For each user, make an iTunes alias to the newly located iTunes library folder, rename it iTunes and put it the user’s Music folder.

You would think Apple would make this easier out of the box since this is probably something people want to do quite often.

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