Ralph Nader runs for President

 | February 25, 2008 8:24 AM

Ralph Nader starts presidential bidThis is the third time Ralph Nader is running for President. And unlike the last two times this time I am a little less pleased.

In 2000 I was interested in Ralph Nader’s candidacy because I felt he was highlighting issues that were not being brought up by the two candidates who I felt were both rather unappealing and somewhat indistinguishable.  History tells us otherwise as Bush moved from the center where he campaigned to the right.

In 2004 I was more interested in Nader’s candidacy because I really felt Kerry was not much different from Bush, both voted for the war, both seemed to be part of the establishment.

In 2008 I feel things are different. We have three extraordinary candidates of which I am gravitating towards Obama the most. I feel like Nader might take away from their candidacies but then I realized that while in the past people voted for Nader basically as a protest vote I think this year his impact will be much smaller. In fact I think Obama is going to sweep to victory, it won’t be close. And if Ron Paul runs as an independent candidate, it’ll be even harder for McCain to win.

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