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 | February 26, 2008 3:15 PM

Recently I have been applying for various online savings accounts and been rejected each time for security purposes. I started wondering if there is an issue with the information in my credit report so I went to to get my free credit report. This proved to be an incredibly frustrating experience.

You can choose up to three credit reporting companies to get your credit report. I chose all three. For each reporting company you chose you are redirected to their website to get your free credit report.

TransUnionThe first one was the worst, TransUnion. When I was redirected to their site they told me that they an online account for me though I don’t remember ever creating one. I tried to login but it did not work. I then tried recovering my username by entering my SSN and last name but it said it did not recognize. I tried getting online help but there was no way to do this. Finally after clicking on many links and pages I found a phone number to call, (800) 916-8800. Using this number I was able to order a free credit report but they were not able to help me with my online login issue. They gave me another number, (800) 493-2392 (option 1, then option 3) which is for TrueCredit, the online fulfillment arm of TransUnion.

When I called TrueCredit they told me that they had an account with my SSN but it had a different name! They then told me to call TransUnion customer service at (866) 212-2170. They told me an account had been created in 2003 and that the last name is “Jordan” for my SSN.

I was advised to put a Fraud Alert on my account and to call the TransUnion fraud department, (800) 680-7289.

ExperianThe next one was Experian. Getting the credit report involved many screens including a security check which I thought for sure I’d fail since I had started this in the first place because of security check failures with other banks. Fortunately this succeeded and I got a credit report.

EquifaxThe last one was Equifax. When I was redirected to their site they immediately told me something was wrong and provided me with a form to fill out and mail in to get my credit report.

On my Experian credit report I found a few accounts that I did not even know were still open. I closed them immediately.

  1. Chase Rewards Plus Visa, (800) 955-9900
  2. TD Bank Visa/Debit Card?, (800) 747-7000
  3. Home Depot (THD/CBSD) Credit Card, (866) 202-5490

Then my mortgage broker told me I shouldn’t have done that, that it will actually hurt my credit score so I had to reopen them.

Overall this experience was quite alarming and makes me wonder about how safe my credit information is. What’s frustrating is there seems to be plenty of security that prevents me from accessing my information but not enough security to prevent my identity from being compromised by others!

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