San Jose Mercury News

 | February 26, 2008 7:59 PM

San Jose Mercury NewsMy mom loves getting the daily newspaper so whenever she stays with us I get a subscription. It’s been nice getting the San Jose Mercury New and learning more about the local news.

I got a 50% off the regular rate of $4 per week from for 10 weeks which works out to $20 (sometimes I see flyers for $1 per week but I didn’t have one at the time). And today I signed up for Easy Pay using the offer code “EP 567” so that I can get a $15 Safeway Gift Card. So in the end I paid $5 for 10 weeks which is not bad. Holman, the customer service representative, said that I would continue to be billed after the initial 10 weeks at the $2 per week rate but I kind of don’t believe him.

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