Sometimes during ice breakers the question comes up “Name a famous person you met.” I always answer “Salt-N-Pepa”!

I think it was the summer of 93 and I was on the shuttle from Washington to New York. On the plane I noticed Salt-N-Pepa and their entourage. When the flight was over I got up and said “Hi Salt-N-Pepa. I really enjoy your music.” Salt-N-Pepa said thank you very nicely, I think in concert, and I remember Salt being especially gracious.

Now this morning I read on Christianity Today’s website this article about Salt including her incredible reconciliation with the father of her daughter.

Let’s Talk About God, Baby
Pushed to the edge, ‘Salt’ of Salt-N-Pepa turned to Jesus; now the hip-hop duo is reconciling on VH1.
Rebecca Cusey, Religion News Service | posted 3/04/2008 09:55AM

Immersing herself in a church, she sought healing for her underlying wounds. She worked on forgiving her father, whom she describes as a great man weighed down by alcohol. She reconciled with Gavin Wray, her daughter’s father, and the couple married, had a son, and settled in New York.

This explains to me Salt’s powerful words about Jesus in Kirk Franklin’s Stomp.

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