Isaac and his Grandma

 | March 20, 2008 8:22 PM

My mom has been staying with us since the end of January and it has been really great having her around. She’s great with the kids and helps out so much. Plus it’s nice to see her enjoying the weather instead of the cold of Toronto.

Isaac especially likes my mom. He calls her hal-muh-nee (할머니) and enjoys spending time with her.

In fact it’s reached a point where he’s preferring my mom over us! Recently I asked Isaac “Do you love 할머니?” He replied “Yes!” Then I asked him to “Do you love 아빠 (daddy)?” He said “Ummm. No.” 🙂

Another day Isaac came out of his room after taking a nap. Ji Seon, my mom and I were all in the hallway. We all greeted him but he walked by me and Ji Seon and straight into my mom’s arms. 🙂

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ilenechen wrote a comment on March 25, 2008

awwww thats soooo cute!! i love these posts on isaac!

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