Fantasy Baseball 2008

 | March 28, 2008 9:14 AM

This season is the first season in awhile that I won’t be doing fantasy baseball. I am bummed but time did not permit.

Since I cannot play I thought I’d come up with a list of whom I wanted to draft this year and whom I planned on avoiding.


  1. Ryan Braun – love that guy
  2. Daric Barton – walks like crazy, bats 3rd, the sweet spot of the lineup
  3. Yovani Gallardo – stud kid
  4. Matt Cain – takes next step into top ten of NL
  5. Tim Lincecum – not far behind Cain though might hit adjustment period this season, reminds me of David Cone
  6. A.J. Burnett – so talented, so fragile but he learned a lot last season
  7. Joey Hamilton – hits 30 HR’s, bats 3rd
  8. Rich Harden – so talented, so fragile, I don’t know if he learned anything last season
  9. Ben Sheets – used to love him more
  10. Joe Mauer – still love him
  11. Johnny Damon – don’t like Yankees but Girardi wants to give him 600 AB’s
  12. Nick Swisher – bats 3rd
  13. Miguel Cabrera – wow!
  14. Billy Butler – bats 3rd
  15. Mike Lamb – for deeper leagues
  16. Hank Blalock – finally healthy
  17. Jeremy Hermida – he’s really good, bats 3rd
  18. Wily Mo Pena – new park, monster power
  19. Ryan Zimmerman – new park, bats 3rd
  20. Miguel Tejada – resurgence
  21. Troy Glaus – he’s better than we think but
  22. Mark Prior – still love him
  23. Randy Johnson – still throws it
  24. Dustin McGowan – better than Halladay
  25. Corey Hart- steals, power, sunglasses at night
  26. Nick Markakis – another Corey Hart, bats 3rd
  27. Bobby Abreu – runs more under Girardi, bats 3rd
  28. Randy Winn – does everything, just not great, bats 3rd
  29. James Loney – he was more productive than Pujols in September 2007
  30. Matt Kemp – he’s amazing, 30/30
  31. Rick Ankiel – serious power, I’m sure he’s shooting up
  32. Frank Thomas – 25 HR’s, 100 RBI’s at least
  33. Ryan Howard – 50 HR’s, 150 RBI’s, the MVP


  1. Albert Pujols – hurt but he’s dropped so much that he’s almost at a point where he moves back to the Love list where he’s always been
  2. Josh Beckett – overvalued
  3. C.C. Sabathia – overvalued
  4. Dan Haren – overvalued
  5. B.J. Ryan – probably hiding something bad
  6. Roy Halladay – best years are behind, hate to say it
  7. most closers – job security and reliability is low
  8. Daisuke Matsuzaka – I used to believe
  9. Francisco Liriano – wait one more year
  10. Evan Longoria – already sent down, why are people drafting him?

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mkny73 wrote a comment on March 28, 2008

I was tempted to take Ryan Braun with my second pick, but Soriano was available and I have a soft spot for Yankees and former Yankees.

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