Acer Black Screen of Death

 | March 31, 2008 10:00 PM

On my beloved Acer laptop the screen becomes black every once in awhile.

Turns out this is a known issue as you can see in this article (search for black screen).

To fix it I downloaded a BIOS update from Acer’s FTP site but you can download it here.

To run the BIOS unzip the file. Then go into the v1.16 folder and unzip the file. Then go into HIB116WW1/ATI folder, right click on POM116 and select “Run as administrator”. If you just try running POM116 you will get an error saying it cannot open flash.sys (this forum discussion, Help on Extensa 5620 Bio’s upgrade, talks about exactly this issue). In my case running POM116 upgraded my BIOS from v1.14 to v1.16.

Hopefully no more black screen of death.

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