Never Again Best Buy

 | March 31, 2008 1:31 PM

Here is the long version of a letter I sent to Best Buy.

My terrible experience with Best Buy began on March 28, 2003. I was buying a camcorder and the sales representative convinced me to buy a service plan which normally I never do. She convinced us with these arguments.

  1. She does not receive a sales commission.
  2. If I buy the service plan I can get a free annual cleaning.
  3. The camcorder has many fragile parts that are not covered by the warranty including the LCD screen.
  4. She bought one for her own camcorder.

I purchased the service plan, which cost between $200 and $300, and now realized I had been duped.

  1. There is no free annual cleaning. When I brought the camcorder in for a cleaning Best Buy said they don’t do such a service.
  2. Though the sales woman was truthful about not receiving a commission she failed to mention that there are rewards programs to encourage sales representatives to sell service plans and that sales representatives who do not sell enough are encouraged to leave the company.

Fast forward to December 31, 2007. I purchased an Acer Extensa 5420 laptop for over $500 plus $29 for a computer optimization which was not done as advertised, I still had to install many Windows updates when I got home. I did not purchase an extended warranty because of my poor experience with my last extended warranty from Best Buy.

On January 23, just three weeks after purchasing it, the Acer laptop stopped working. I contacted the Best Buy where I purchased it (2460 E Charleston Rd, Mountain View, CA) and they said they could not fix it or accept it for return since it was past the 14 day return period but they could ship it to Acer for me. I asked if we could come in to speak to them and they said yes.

When my father and I arrived we spoke with Richard. We spoke to Richard as politely and cheerfully as we could but Richard became increasingly hostile. He started saying things like “Before you interrupted me.” and was noticeably angry with us. I was honestly quite taken aback, I felt it was completely unwarranted. My father, who was doing most of the speaking, was smiling the whole time and did not deserve such treatment.

Richard’s main point was that since we did not buy the extended warranty we had “communicated to Best Buy that we did not want Best Buy to support the product and that only the manufacturer can.” Aferwards we asked to speak to Richard’s manager and Richard rolled his eyes and said angrily “Gladly!” before getting his manager.

We then spoke with Wilson who was much more polite but he said the same thing as Richard. We asked if we could return it or at least get a replacement since it is so unusual for a laptop to die so quickly but he said he could not do it. We then asked if Best Buy could at least ship it to Acer as we were told on the phone they would and he said Best Buy does not have the shipping address so he cannot even do that.

Since this time I have had Acer repair this laptop twice, both times because of catastrophic failures. Each time I asked Acer if they would replace it or give me my money back and they said only Best Buy would do that.

My biggest frustration is with the fact that Best Buy sells products they know will fail and refuse to accept any responsibility for these products. They try to sell you overpriced extended warranties that don’t even cover what they claim and if you don’t they refuse to support you at all. This kind of customer service is terrible which is why I will never purchase from Best Buy again.

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