Opening Day

 | March 31, 2008 8:22 AM

There have been already three MLB games played but today is the real opening day, lots of games.

Every season I hope the Blue Jays win the World Series but in reality the Blue Jays management is poor. They have a weak farm system and dishonest management. I miss Pat Gillick.

These are my predictions for this season.

AL East

  1. Boston Red Sox – best in the AL
  2. New York Yankees – inexperienced or hurt starting pitching except Chien-Mien Wang and Pettitte
  3. Toronto Blue Jays – if everyone stays healthy though Rolen has already screwed that up
  4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays – would not be surprised if they finished 2nd, maybe even wild card
  5. Baltimore Orioles – big step back this season but it’ll be fun to watch Adam Jones

AL Central

  1. Cleveland Indians – great pitching and hitting, Hafner bounces back, CC and Fausto need to duplicate last season though
  2. Detroit Tigers – fantastic hitting but besides Verlander who else can pitch? Bonderman is too up and down, he keeps reminding me more and more of Jeff Weaver. They’ll get the wild card.
  3. Minnesota Twins – great management
  4. Chicago White Sox – they weren’t as bad as last season and they made some good offseason moves
  5. Kansas City Royals – getting better

AL West

I have no idea who will win this division. The LA Angels should have run away with it but Lackey and Escobar being injured really hurts their chances. The Mariners overachieved last season so even though they acquired Bedard I don’t see them improving on last season’s record. The Rangers made some improvements but I still don’t like them a lot. So I’ll just pick the Oakland A’s, assuming Harden stays healthy and wins the Cy Young.


I think the New York Mets are overrated. I think Pat Gillick is a fantastic GM and I predict the Phillies to win the NL East.

In the NL Central I’m going to pick the Brewers. They have Braun and Gallardo for the full season and if Sheets stays healthy they’ll be good. Everyone else is picking the Cubs but I never liked Lou Pinella. The rest of the central is pretty weak.

In the NL West I’m going to pick the Diamondbacks because they’re going to keep getting better with their fantastic young players. Randy Johnson needs to be healthy but he’s already on the DL. I’ll pick the Rockies to get the wild card.

Fantasy Notes

Rauch was a popular pickup yesterday because he is going to be the closer while Cordero is hurt and that could be for at least a few weeks.

But I think people should be picking up Nick Johnson. His 2006 numbers were amazing and I think he still has it in him. He may not steal much because of his leg injuries but the new Nationals park is going to be a far better hitter’s park than the old one so expect better power numbers.

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