| April 9, 2008 9:34 AM

MusaLast night I finished watched the Korean warrior film called Musa. It’s about a group of Korean warriors that try to rescue a Chinese princess from her Mongol captors.

I enjoyed this film thoroughly. I found it a little hard to follow the plot, maybe because I don’t understand Korean and had to read subtitles. Also it was a bit too violent for my taste (think Braveheart). But there were several things I liked about it.

First I had never seen a Korean martial art hero like the one featured in this movie, typically they are Chinese. That is probably because I have not seen many Korean movies but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

Second this movie was done with a Chinese production house that did movies like Crouching TIger Hidden Dragon and not surprisingly the cinematography and fight choreography was fantastic.

Third Ziyi Zhang was in it and she’s really cool.

Fourth it was really interesting seeing the interactions between the Chinese and Korean cultures.

Fifth was the display of courage and seeing love transcend culture. A beautiful scene was when a Korean soldier was struck down while defending an elderly Chinese woman. She was holding him while he was dying and saying “My son” and the Korean warrior smiled before he died.

Sixth the movie did not glorify war. I am wondering if in general Korean movies don’t glorify war because war was typically horribly damaging to Korea.

Finally the Korean archer was really cool.

Overall I would recommend this movie though I am not sure that some of the things that struck me about this movie will be interesting to others.

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