Identity Theft II

 | April 14, 2008 12:44 PM

Previously I blogged about how I was concerned about identity theft.  Well the other day I left my application for my upcoming contract in the apartment’s public office.  When I found it the next day the envelope had been ripped open and the contents had been obviously perused.

Fearing identity theft I put a fraud alert on my credit report which is a free service.  I already put a fraud alert before with TransUnion so I did another one with Equifax.  The confirmation screen said that my fraud alert request would be sent to TransUnion and Experion automatically.  I guess I didn’t need to do this in the first place since the fraud alert I made before with TransUnion on February 26 probably went to all three services.

Identity theft is such a pain.  I don’t even understand why my next client needed so much of my personal information, maybe because it’s a government institution and they like doing background checks.

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