Taxes Due Day 2008

 | April 17, 2008 10:03 AM

As most people know April 15 is the due date for taxes here in the United States.  I have always been amused by people scrambling to file their taxes before the midnight deadline but this year I was one of those.

I submitted my paperwork for my taxes by the end of February to my accountant.  But I did not hear anything and after repeated inquiries I finally got the first version of my tax returns in the first week of April.

After extensive review I found several small errors and one potentially large correction due to capital gains.  On April 15 in the morning my accountant finally called me and we determined the correct capital gains which resulted in a huge savings in taxes.  He then sent me another version of the return in the afternoon.

I then reviewed the second version and spoke again with the accountant about creating an extension.  I then got the extensions paperwork at 6:30 in the evening.

At 7:00 PM I drove off looking for a post office that was open.  I first went to my usual post office but it was closed.  Then I went to the one in Sunnyvale town center but it was closed.  Finally I  went to the Sunnyvale head post office at 580a N Mary Ave. When I arrived there near 8 PM it was closed but I saw many people putting their tax returns in the mail slot so I did the same.

When I returned home I realized that the extensions may not be postmarked for April 15. After some research I learned that even if it was one day late there could be significant penalties.  Therefore I searched the internet and found another post office that was open until midnight.

I arrived at the San Jose post office at 1750 Lundy Ave at 9:30 PM.  On the way there I saw a huge line of cars and I knew they were lining up to get into the post office.  I drove past them and went straight by the post office hoping I could figure out a short cut.  Fortunately I saw a man with a big basket and a sign saying “Stamped mail here.”  I parked my car across the street in a parking lot, did the paperwork for the extensions, and then dropped them in the basket.

The next day I called the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board about stopping payment on the first set of checks I mailed in and they said I could so I did that.

Next year I’m filing my taxes myself since it won’t be so complicated.  This April 15 will be one to remember.

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