Turn Those Bytes Into Books

 | April 17, 2008 1:18 PM

I often tell myself if I had time I would make photo album books using the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of the kids and a book of my blog articles. This NY Times articles talk about how many are people doing just that.

Turn Those Bytes Into Books
Published: April 17, 2008
What was once a pastime for mothers recording family memories for their children has blossomed into a new, fertile marketplace of collaboration.

custom booksTHE first time Jeannet Leendertse, a freelance book designer, saw the software on the Blurb.com Web site that could automatically produce a book, she was more than a little sad. “I thought I needed to have a stiff drink for the end of my career,” she said.

The software could help anyone turn some text and photos into a bound book in a few minutes.

Soon after, though, she saw an opportunity. “I realized there would always be people who appreciate time and effort going into design. I decided to put myself onto their Web site.”

Today, Ms. Leendertse still turns a pile of pictures and paragraphs into bound books, but instead of working just for a roster of major publishers like MIT Press, she helps individuals create books. She is participating in an offshoot of the scrapbooking phenomena, the hobby of collecting and preserving photos and mementos.

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LisaN wrote a comment on April 26, 2008

this is awesome! although i’d want creative control over how my book was designed. 😀

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