This sounds like an interesting book. Maybe one of my friends can read it and tell me about it. 🙂 God’s New Whiz Kids?: Korean American Evangelicals on Campus: Rebecca Kim: Books
In the past twenty years, many traditionally white campus religious groups have become Asian American. Today there are more than fifty evangelical Christian groups at UC Berkeley and UCLA alone, and 80% of their members are Asian American. At Harvard, Asian Americans constitute 70% of the Harvard Radcliffe Christian Fellowship, while at Yale, Campus Crusade for Christ is now 90% Asian. Stanford’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has become almost entirely Asian.

There has been little research, or even acknowledgment, of this striking development.

God’s New Whiz Kids? focuses on second-generation Korean Americans, who make up the majority of Asian American evangelicals, and explores the factors that lead college-bound Korean American evangelicals—from integrated, mixed race neighborhoods—to create racially segregated religious communities on campus. Kim illuminates an emergent “made in the U.S.A.” ethnicity to help explain this trend, and to shed light on a group that may be changing the face of American evangelicalism.

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mark.r wrote a comment on April 21, 2008

i was intrigued so i did a little digging. the author is a pepperdine ass’t prof, mid 30s, UCLA cubed. my guess is that she’s an evangelical herself.

i don’t think i’ll buy the book, but i’m skimming a paper of hers now. hey, she cited karen chai.

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