Angry letter to the Sports Guy

 | April 24, 2008 8:45 AM

Being originally from Toronto I share much of your love for the old NHL. Bobby Orr is one of my favourite players and I loved watching Lafleur fly down the ice.

I am also a big fan of yours, Mr. Sports Guy. However I cannot agree with your applauding violence against fans of the opposing team.

We won an emotional Game 3 in overtime, followed by a number of postgame brawls on and around Causeway Street between Boston and Montreal fans, at least 50 of them involving guys named Sully and Murph teaming up to beat the hell out of someone named Pierre.

Do you know that one of the Montreal Canadiens fans ended up in the hospital because of some overzealous Bruins fans? The Boston Herald called it “just plain evil” and that the fans were “Sore-loser B’s fans.”

Do you really think sports is worth it? It’s just a game. Why can’t a fan of an opposing team go and watch the game?

I was once at a Red Sox game wearing my Blue Jays jersey. I was heckled a little by a female Red Sox fan but it was all in good fun, especially for her since the Red Sox won. That was good. Being beat up is bad.

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