| April 28, 2008 7:48 AM

Today I put a link on my Google Talk custom message to my mostly 80’s YouTube playlist. One person IM’d me back saying “I think I’ve been rickrolled.” I didn’t know what he meant so he explained it to me. Here is a more descriptive answer from WikiAnswers – What does it mean to be Rickrolled

What does it mean to be Rickrolled?

A rickroll is a prank played on an unsuspecting web surfer. To be rickrolled is when browsing a website (especially a discussion forum or comment board), one comes across a link expecting it to lead to one thing, but finds something completely different when the link is clicked.

The name Rick refers to 80s pop singer Rick Astley. The standard rickroll generally involves someone posting a link claiming it leads to something quite interesting, but actually linking to a video of Mr. Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” This is usually considered a major let-down.

What’s interesting is that someone seems to be making money off of this. There are a ton of YouTube videos of this song but none of them are embeddable and seem to be coming from the same source. I hope Rick Astley himself is making some money off of this but I’m guessing he probably isn’t.

Anyway for your pleasure, here is Mr. Astley singing the famous “Never Gonna Give You Up” which I couldn’t embed here.

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