red green yellow peppersToday’s useless trivia question is “What is the botanical difference between green peppers, yellow peppers, and red peppers?”

I thought the answer would be “None!” The actual answer is:

Age is the only difference!

Peppers start out green and then turn yellow, then red, then purple, and finally brown.
As they mature, they get progressively sweeter (until they finally spoil).

2 Responses to “What is the difference between green, yellow and red peppers?”

essny wrote a comment on May 7, 2008

the question seems a bit misleading. but yes, green is immature. red is sweeter. but I believe that there are yellow and orange peppers that do not turn red. meaning, yellow can be the final stage of maturity, and same with orange.

seonghuhn wrote a comment on May 8, 2008

yeah i agree the question is a bit misleading. and that’s interesting how yellow or orange could be the final stage of maturity.

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