orange drinkThanks to a friend (who will remain nameless but I will say that her until now invisible boyfriend was recently sighted on another blog) I have slowly become addicted to the Stuff Christians Like blog. This post, Stuff Christians Like: #198. Orange Drink, made me laugh out loud.

I went into the back room at youth group to get some napkins. There, out of sight from everyone, was one of the youth leaders making the orange drink. She didn’t know I was there. I watched as she unsuccessfully looked for a ladle or spoon to stir up the water and orange drink mix. When she couldn’t find one, she shrugged, rolled up her sleeve and then stuck her whole arm into the big tub. It was like one of those gatorade containers they dump on coaches that win football games. Only this was no game. She had her entire arm in there, almost up to her armpit. Slowly she stirred it around, using that sweaty appendage as a big spoon.

I ate my discount pizza that night without a drink.

I like when things I read make me laugh out loud because it’s pretty uncommon. I should vow to blog about anything I read that makes me laugh out loud.

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