This ballot wasn’t nearly as interesting as the last one. I had no idea who the people were running for local offices so I didn’t vote for them. There were two propositions for restricting eminent domain and I voted yes for both of them since I’m such a Liberterian. I also voted against the proposition to create a bond for raising money for five local public high schools. I consider it another tax on home owners and those schools have plenty of money, they are five of the most successful and well-funded schools in the south Bay.

2 Responses to “My June 3 California Election Ballot”

essny wrote a comment on May 20, 2008

if the public high schools have so much money, why does it seem to be that a lot of people send their kids to private schools? is it because you think the quality of education is poor?

seonghuhn wrote a comment on May 21, 2008

good question Esther. the bond proposition was for 5 specific high schools, all except one are amongst the most desirable and successful high schools in the south bay. parents move to those areas so they don’t have to send their children to private school.

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