Basketball with the Kids

 | May 16, 2008 9:49 PM

Recently Dylan has been asking to play basketball. When he first asked I was excited with visions of my boys playing in the NBA.

But what we end up playing is not basketball. The boys run around the court, sometimes with the ball, sometimes without. They bring all their stuffed animals and place them around the court. Dylan likes to bat the ball with Mr. Frog. Sometimes they play hide and seek which is quite comical since there is nowhere to hide, they hide behind poles or just crouch on the grass beside the court. Sometimes the boys pass the ball to each other.

Sometimes I bring Victoria. I just hold her the whole time and she just watches. Victoria likes being outside and seeing this brand new world. Sometimes I try to shoot the basketball while holding her and once I kind of hurt my hand doing it. I realized I really need to use my legs when I’m holding a baby with one arm.

Isaac is so small compared to the ball that sometimes when he tries to get the ball he lands on top of it and then rolls forward, coming very close to hitting his head on the court. Isaac seems to have a little more affection for the ball while Dylan prefers just running around and trying to make up games.

One of the games Dylan made up is that one person stands in the middle of the court. The other two stand on the side lines and start cheering. For example if it’s Dylan in the middle then Isaac and I would yell “Go Dylan Go! Go Dylan Go!” repeatedly until Dylan kicks the ball. Then we’re supposed to excitedly cheer “Yeah!” If we don’t Dylan reminds us we’re playing the game wrong.

2 Responses to “Basketball with the Kids”

jiseon wrote a comment on May 17, 2008

those crazy kids.

ilenechen wrote a comment on May 19, 2008

how cute! i want to see pics!

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