Dylan\'s Father\'s Day Bookmark - frontDylan\'s Father\'s Day Bookmark - backAt Dylan’s preschool, PELC, they did a Father’s Day celebration. Dylan’s preschool is from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM so to accomadate the working dads, the celebration was a small lunch. Last month’s Mother’s Tea for Mother’s Day was at 2:30 PM, I guess PELC thought that worked better for moms, maybe cause they need to put their kids down for naps.

Anyway it was nice. The sandwiches and brownies were made by the kids and there was watermelon and baked potato chips too. Dylan only ate brownies and watermelon, Isaac only ate potato chips and watermelon, Victoria nibbled on some bread. Afterwards the kids sang some songs but you could barely hear them, most of them were pretty shy. Dylan didn’t sing at all though when we came home Ji Seon had him sing and she videotaped it.

Then they gave us presents they made. Dylan gave me a bookmark he made and a travel mug decorated by him in a bag he decorated.

What was especially interesting about yesterday was that Dylan gave his friend, Trinity, a drawing he made. Trinity is a pretty tom boy who doesn’t look like a tom boy because her mom is always putting her in dresses but she can beat up all the boys (think Tatum O’Neal in Bad News Bears). Dylan was shy about giving it to her, he first told Ji Seon, Ji Seon told Trinity’s mom, and Trinity’s mom encouraged Dylan to give it to Trinity. When Trinity received it she didn’t know what to do. Neither her nor Dylan smiled, they didn’t even really make eye contact. Trinity kind of hung around Dylan for a little while, touched his arm, then left. Later I heard her telling I think the teacher that Dylan gave her a picture.

I asked Dylan later why he did it and he said he made a drawing, it was for him, and then he made another drawing and it was for her. The whole thing was very cute and I wanted to write it down.

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ilene wrote a comment on June 5, 2008

can u post the video of dylan singing?

eyeman wrote a comment on June 9, 2008

Dylan’s first crush? That is really cute. This is potential material for the father’s speech at his wedding. :-).

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