Earthquake Insurance

 | June 7, 2008 9:20 AM

earthquake California law requires that the company that provides me home insurance must send me an offer for earthquake insurance. Now as you might know, I don’t believe in insurance. However it is unsettling, being an East Coast person, to think of an earthquake wiping out your home, your primary asset, your life savings, etc.

However the cost of earthquake insurance is almost three times the cost of home insurance. I guess every year that goes by I will celebrate the savings I made on earthquake insurance. And everyone I know does not have earthquake insurance.

Also we purchased our home in an area where the ground is more solid, somewhat alleviating the risk of damage from an earthquake. Technically we are not in a liquefaction hazard zone but in an area of moderate liquefaction potential. This map shows we are not in a hazard zone, our house is in the top right.

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