The Comeback Game

 | June 13, 2008 10:37 AM

Ray Allen goes up and under

This has been the best NBA playoffs ever. Sure my Raptors got bounced right away. Sure I wanted to see Canadian Steve Nash or good guy Chris Paul in the finals, even if it would be at the expense of my old favorites, the Spurs. Sure my favorite player, Dwight Howard, lost to the Piston punks. But the level of competitiveness and play has been fantastic.

And now we get the dream finals, Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers. On one side I dislike the Lakers because Kobe Bryant is the anti-MJ. On the other side it’s hard not to cheer for the possessed Kevin Garnett, the “black Larry Bird” (my friend coined that) Paul Pierce, and the smooth shooting “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Ray Allen (“Save us Jesus! Save us!” – He Got Game). Plus who can’t like Leon Powe, he’s from my neighborhood, Oakland (okay it’s true, I’ve only been here nine months, but I’m feeling acclimated).

I have seen so many games but last night was date night so I thought I was going to miss much of the epic Game 4. It turned out, not by plan, that the restaurant we went to, Thai Basil, had the game on and I had a nice seat to watch the action while engaging in stimulating conversation with my wife.

I commented to the wife that the Lakers were building a big lead but they always do that in the first quarter. By the time we left though the lead was huge. When we got home we started putting the kids to bed. I was in charge of taking care of Victoria so I turned on the game. I watched the beginning of the third quarter and saw the Celtics chop the Lakers’ lead down to 12 but then saw it go back up to 20. I then turned off the TV, figuring the game was over and that maybe the Lakers would win the series (my prediction though obviously not my desire).

Later as I sat in Dylan’s bedroom waiting for Dylan to fall asleep I saw on Yahoo! sports that the Celtics were only four points behind! Then I saw that they were up by four points. I then said “Sorry Dylan, I’ve got to go” and ran downstairs to watch the last two minutes. With about half a minute left in the game I heard Dylan call for me and I responded “I’ll be up soon.” With a few seconds left in the game I went back upstairs, checked that Dylan was asleep, went back down and watched an hour of press conferences and highlights while working on my computer.

By the way I can’t believe during Kobe’s press conference that he said he was going to drink lots of beer, wine and twenty shots. Not only does the man have anger issues, is an alleged rapist and a horrible teammate, he’s now admitting he’s a borderline alcoholic.

Bill Simmons has a fantastic diary of The Comeback Game. It’s entertaining reading how upset he is at the beginning, elated in the middle and exhausted at the end. I can’t believe I missed the biggest comeback in NBA history.

As Bill Simmons said:

The Kobe-MJ thing … done. Over. Jordan never would have let that happen in the Finals. Ever. Under any circumstances. Nobody is ever allowed to bring this up again.

2 Responses to “The Comeback Game”

eyeman wrote a comment on June 14, 2008

That was funny. Your writing sounds more and more like the Sports Guys’ minus all the stripper references.

I kinda wish I had a stronger affinity to one of the teams because I would appreciate the games more. There’s no emotional rollercoaster for me. As it stands, I think it’s been a great playoff season and resigned to the inevitable crowning of the Celtics as champs. Gotta say I am impressed by Pierce with every passing game.

essny wrote a comment on June 15, 2008

slightly amused that you told Dylan you had to go (watch the finals). haha.

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