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 | June 16, 2008 11:40 AM

Dependable Auto Movers

For some reason the auto moving business seems to be one of the shadier ones.

My friends recommended Arizona Auto Transport. They used it for moving their car from L.A. to Boston.

I used Arizona Auto Transport 602-971-9611 which was brokered by for $950. It’s important to use someone with good references since there’s plenty of horror stories with auto transport.

For my move from Boston to Silicon Valley I ended up using Dependable Auto Movers for two reasons.

  1. Arizona Auto Transport is more expensive for shipping cars to Silicon Valley because they first ship them to L.A. and then ship them to north to Silicon Valley.
  2. They were recommended to me by my moving company, Gentle Giant.

They did a reasonable job though the car arrived later than they initially planned. It was also quite dirty but I think that is to be expected. I appreciated though that they picked up from my work parking lot and dropped off at my apartment.

My recommendation would be to first check with Arizona Auto Transport and then compare with Dependable Auto Movers.  If they are similar I would go with Arizona Auto Transport.

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eyeman wrote a comment on June 17, 2008

Yeah, for some reason a lot of people have had problems with their cars after moving them cross country. My theory is that a car strapped on to a rig inappropriately that is going to travel 3000 miles is going to endure some harsh conditions and wear and tear. So things like dirt and chips may be unavoidable. but I suppose more damage is done if it is poorly harnessed onto the rig.

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