Monitoring that electrical bill

 | June 26, 2008 10:29 AM

I have kind of always wanted to do what was done in this article, Computer stuff and power requirements ,i.e. buy something like a Kill A Watt and measure my household electrical usage.

This is my last electrical bill which came out to over $40. As you can see Pacific Gas and Electric’s rates go up the more electricity you use.

Baseline Usage 242.00000 kWh @ $0.11559
101-130% of Baseline 72.60000 kWh@ $0.13142
131-200% of Baseline 14.40000 kWh @ $0.22580

Some numbers to think about. A router uses 8 watts or 0.008 kW and it is always on. Since there are approximately 720 hours in a month, therefore a router uses approximately 6 kWh. That would cost $1.35, obviously not breaking the bank.

An LCD monitor uses typically 30 watts for about 12 hours a day. That is approximately 10 kWh. That would cost about $2.26 per month.

I think the laptops use less power as this article, How Much Power Does My Laptop Really Use?, seems to imply. But if we assume that is it the same as the monitor then that works out to about $2 for each. I usually have two laptops on at the same time, one personal, one for work.

I think I can estimate that my computer usage is costing in total about $10 per month or 25% of my electrical bill.

I am starting to wonder if maybe the fridge is using up another 25% or $10 per month. Here is an article about Refrigerator Power Consumption. The author claims that by replacing the old fridge with a more energy efficient new fridge that the fridge will pay itself off in energy savings in eight years. Of course the author is not counting the environmental cost of filling up a land fill with another perfectly usable refrigerator.

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