quick fix spackleWhen you register or renew your registration, you get these colored stickers that you have to stick on your license plate.  The instructions say that you have to remove any old stickers and clean the license plate before applying the new sticker.

I began trying to peel the old sticker with my fingers.  I ended up chipping the paint on the license plate while only pulling off chips of the old sticker.  Finally I got a wide spackle blade which fortunately did the trick of peeling off the old sticker.

Then afterwards I started trying to wash off the old glue.  First I scrubbed with my fingers, then with a wet cloth, and finally with Windex.  Nothing worked so I gave up and just stuck on the old sticker.

The whole time I was cursing the California government for giving such cheap stickers that don’t easily peel off.  We taxpayers pay a ridiculously high sales tax and state income tax and they can’t give us better stickers! 🙂

4 Responses to “California DMV Registration Stickers”

Mark R. wrote a comment on July 4, 2008

ah, so that’s how you peel off the old sticker. i don’t bother.

one reason that they make them difficult to peel off is because the stickers do get stolen. it happened to a friend of mine once (and he found out when he got ticketed for it). the preemptive countermeasure is to use a sharp blade to score lines across the sticker.

then again, using the countermeasure will make it a hassle for you to remove the sticker next year. good luck!

seonghuhn wrote a comment on July 5, 2008

wow, that explains a lot. i guess i should stop complaining.

so you never peel off the old stickers? you just keep them piling up. i was concerned that the sticker wouldn’t stick as well on top of the old sticker but i guess it’s not an issue.

ilene wrote a comment on July 7, 2008

yeah u have to score the stickers so that they dont get stolen! but yes, a big pain to peel off later.

eyeman wrote a comment on July 9, 2008

Yeah, in Toronto, i used to just stick the new one on the old. It got pretty thick after a couple of years.

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