The World’s Dirtiest Cities

 | July 8, 2008 3:24 PM

Linfen, China

From Popular Science comes this list of The World’s Dirtiest Cities.  Not surprisingly we have an industrial city from China and Mexico City.  But I was surprised to see that Pittsburgh is still on the list and I have never heard of any of the other cities except for Milan.

After reading the above article I was interested to see what the dirtiest cities in North America are and found this article, In Pictures: America’s Dirtiest Cities. Lots of California cities near Route 99 and Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Birmingham.

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essny wrote a comment on July 9, 2008

they said for Pittsburgh, Ohio was most likely to blame.

NYS, I think, sued some mid-western states because the acid rain was falling in our state. I don’t know what happened – whether the EPA made the other states pay or what, but it is a problem.

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