Considering Solar Power

 | July 23, 2008 3:15 AM

There are a series of articles on ExtremeTech about one person right here in Sunnyvale who installed solar panels on his home.

  1. Checking Out Solar Energy
  2. Going Solar: The Install
  3. Going Solar Power: One Month Later

The cost of his solar panels, after all the tax credits and rebates, was over $35,000.  The author’s family’s power consumption is much larger than my family’s so I can probably go with a much smaller installation.

Also the author paid for the solar panels using his home equity line.  He saves about $300 per month in utilities and uses that money to make his monthly payments.  His cash flow is the same but now it is going into an asset instead of the utility company.

I might consider doing this myself, there seem to be a lot of solar power vendors in the area.

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Topher wrote a comment on July 27, 2008

wow… that’s cool. A co-worker of mine put panels in, and he’s really clever about how he uses them. From January to December, he’ll owe PG&E $20 for the net difference. We should talk about it more later.

fkimplicity » Rejecting Solar Power sent a pingback on March 3, 2009

[…] I wrote a post called Considering Solar Power.  Around November of 2008 I heard someone in my area was trying to pool people together to install […]

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