Rebate Problems

 | July 23, 2008 3:06 AM

When I was buying a digital camera from Circuit City I noticed that I could get a free Canon photo printer after rebate with the purchase of any digital camera.  They didn’t have the printer in stock but the salesman encouraged me to special order the printer so I could get the rebate.

Over thirty days later and I still hadn’t received the printer.  I checked the rebate and noticed it said that I had to postmark the rebate within thirty days of the original purchase which means the rebate was no longer valid.

I went to Circuit City and complained.  Fortunately, which almost never happens, the manager was willing to accomodate me.  He said, though unhappily, “What do you want me to do?”  I said “I want to get credit for the printer and I also want refunded the portion of the coupon that was used for the printer.”  He did all this and in fact I think I ended up making $2.  The manager also informed me that my rebate wouldn’t have worked, that the rebate is only for purchases on the web, which it doesn’t say anywhere on the rebate.

Lessons learned.

  1. Don’t special order anything that is tied to a rebate offer.
  2. When purchasing products at a brick and mortar store, make sure that the rebate is given to you by that store.

One Response to “Rebate Problems”

Topher wrote a comment on July 27, 2008

Bummer. Seriously… rebates can be so dishonest. I try to send my rebates by certified mail, that way I can prove that I sent it.


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