White Chrysanthemums

 | July 24, 2008 11:04 AM

A friend of mine’s passion is helping the cause of the surviving military sex slaves in Korea.  Recently she created a site, based on a college degree project, called White Chrysanthemums.

From her site I found the following:

White Chrysanthemums will not:

  1. use the label “comfort women” – the term “comfort women” is an euphemism for enforced military sex labourer or slave.  It was coined by the Japanese government and military officials, and sexual industry agents, all hoping to obscure the reality behind the term.  Instead, the term “military sex slaves” is used.
  2. spell Corea with a ‘K’ – Corea is the original spelling which was replaced by the Japanese government during the Japanese annexation and colonization beginning in 1905.  Japan did not want Corea to be in front of Japan in the alphabetical lineup of nations, thus the change.
  3. refer to these women as “victims” – they are survivors

It seems also there is a strong link between Japan continuing to cover up the sex slaves past and modern Japanese society’s viewpoint of women and its modern day sex slaves.

The Kamoto Rubber Manufacturing Company, the biggest condom maker in Japan, … recently produced condoms with two names: “Rubber Man” and “Attack Champion”…  this term is highly provacative, closely associated with collective rapes and Japanese pornographic cartoons such as Reipu man (Rape man).

The Japanese army officially provided Japanese soldiers with the origianl condom called “Attack Champion” to use in the camps during WWII.  It is obvious that this reissued name is reminiscent of the sex slaves.

Some Japanese corporations still reward productive businessmen by organizing “sex tours” of prostitution houses in cities across South-East Asia.  Investigative reports also show that women from South-East Asia are recruited by agencies for work in Japan as receptionists, hostesses, and waitresses.  When the women arrive, the agency takes their passports and are forced to become prostitutes.  Such practices in Japan today show just how low a woman’s position is in society and how little respect the Japanese have for females.  If Japan addresses the sex slaves’ issue, it might send a stronger message against such practices in Japan.

I spent much of the morning reading most of this website. While I was in college I too read up a lot about this horrible nightmare. But while before I read about this with anger towards Japan I know find myself feeling sorrow not only for the survivors but for the Japanese people.

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eyeman wrote a comment on July 25, 2008

These crimes are unthinkable and unimaginable. I can’t help but think about the grip that Satan has on this society.

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