Thanks to Topher I listened to this NPR interview Fees, Cheats and ‘Gotcha Capitalism’.

It is neat listening to NPR through the internet. Though I did not catch the whole interview I basically came to the conclusion there are a lot of fees that are unfair and there is not much consumers can do. And the government, FTC, has not been able to help much because they have more work to do but their department has been halved. I am all for reducing taxes and government budgets but I would double regulatory budgets, I think they are so important.

One Response to “Fees, Cheats and ‘Gotcha Capitalism’ : NPR”

Topher wrote a comment on July 30, 2008

This interview brought me to a bummer revelation. The point I took away is that mundane day-to-day business (or should be mundane) is actually quite hostile. I would like to reward my business to someone who’s willing to do “Honest” or “in good faith” business with me, but all of the alternatives are just as crooked.

Sadly, I have a sense of “learned helplessness.” I need a cell phone, and a credit card…

A sad day for commerce.

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