Yao Dunks Over Garnett

 | August 6, 2008 4:22 PM

It seems like there are so many photos of Yao being dunked on so it’s nice to see a photo of Yao dunking over a superstar.

One Response to “Yao Dunks Over Garnett”

sam wrote a comment on August 7, 2008

Good pic. Yao is only 7’6″. It’s kind of embarrassing to get dunked on like that. Nice to see him dunk over someone. i can see why he gets dunked on. He’s got no hops. Looks like he’s gong to barely make this dunk. He’s only 7’6″. With arms stretched high, I would think he’d reach close to 9’6″. He’s only got 6 inches left to dunk.

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