Dancing in Grand Central

 | August 9, 2008 8:56 PM

My friend Chris recently got married in New York.  One of the wedding photos which he published on Facebook is of he and his wife dancing in Grand Central.  I thought it was such a great photo and also enjoyed one of the comments about how it’s remarkable that no one else seems to notice them.  Now he and his wife are back in Beijing enjoying the Olympics.  Chris was always a guy who really experiences life.

Dancing in Grand Central

3 Responses to “Dancing in Grand Central”

Topher wrote a comment on August 11, 2008

cute. 🙂

Lisa wrote a comment on August 12, 2008

When you live in NY, you probably have seen everything. 😛

essny wrote a comment on August 13, 2008

once you’ve seen one wedding party in GCT, or any public space, you’ve seen them all. GCT is actually a popular place for wedding photos. And I’ve seen my share of wedding proposals and wedding photos over by the Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn. And just think of how many people must’ve proposed on top of the Empire State Building. Oh, wait, I know someone who did that… 😉

it’s a nice photo of the couple.

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