The role of the father

 | August 14, 2008 5:15 PM

I have realized the role of the father is to be selfish and the role of the mother is to be selfless.

For example I will be eating dinner happily and then I will say to Ji Seon “Did you eat?”

She will reply “No I was feeding the other kids.”

I will then advise Ji Seon to eat.  My role as the selfish person has helped remind Ji Seon to eat.

Or I will be watching the Olympics while Ji Seon is giving the kids a bath.  Ji Seon will see me watching and that will remind her to watch TV sometimes herself.

Or when the guys call me to play basketball I say sure and run out.  This encourages Ji Seon to take some time off for herself.

My role is crucial.  If I had tried to be selfless like Ji Seon than we would both be weary and spent.  But my selfishness reminds Ji Seon to take care of herself. 😀

3 Responses to “The role of the father”

Mark R. wrote a comment on August 14, 2008


when i become a dad, u will be my role model.

jodie wrote a comment on August 22, 2008

i assure you that ji seon will come back in the afterlife as your husband, and you, the wife. i keep telling myself that.

kris wrote a comment on August 26, 2008

did you take lessons from jay? or is this just an inherent male thing that you guys are so good at this? it’s quite amazing, actually. 🙂

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