McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate

 | August 29, 2008 8:37 AM

I like McCain’s choice of Palin much more than Obama’s choice of Biden.  This New York Times article, McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate, gives a good summary.

While Obama’s choice of Biden felt like he was giving in to people complaining about lack of experience, foreign issues expertise, etc., McCain’s choice of Palin is more risky.  Palin is a woman, she’s considered somewhat of a “maverick” in her party, she’s from Alaska, no one has ever heard of her, she’s young and relatively inexperienced, etc.

In the end I respect McCain for making this choice.  Now I wish more than ever that Obama had chosen Hilary Clinton.  It says something that McCain chose to make the risky choice and Obama chose to make the safe choice.  It may say something about who is really for change.

This move could work out well for McCain because the conservative Christians are very happy about it and maybe some women, who are not pro-choice, will move towards Palin.

“They’re beyond ecstatic,” said Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition. “This is a home run. She is a reformer governor who is solidly pro-life and a person of deep Christian faith. And she is really one of the bright shining new stars in the Republican firmament.”

I don’t know much about Biden but my first impression is not favorable.  He seems very liberal, loose with his mouth, an insider who likes to say he is not.  He is handsome though. 🙂

I respect Palin because she doesn’t just say she is pro-life, she didn’t abort her fifth baby when she knew he had Down syndrome.  She also rooted out corruption in her government and attacked many Republicans while doing that.

My summary is that though I think Obama > McCain, I think Palin >> Biden.

4 Responses to “McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate”

esther wrote a comment on August 29, 2008

great blog, frank!

eyeman wrote a comment on August 30, 2008

I think that for all of Obama’s talk about change, it seems that Palin has actually delivered in that regard in her political career so far. The Dems are attacking her lack of experience, but this VP running mate has more than their presidential candidate.

Lisa wrote a comment on August 31, 2008

as samson and i both thought when this was announced: brilliant move by mccain.

essny wrote a comment on September 2, 2008

ok, so, this response is late, and even before he announced Palin, I had no intention of voting for McCain, but that a.m. when Palin was announced as his running mate, I was like, “huh? who?” Come on! A political nobody with no experience. She hasn’t even completed her 1st term as governor. And I’m sorry, but this woman is not a brain. Ok, so Bill Clinton has a brain and maybe didn’t use it all the time (Monica) but at least I knew that he was smart as heck and surrounded himself with people who were smart. AND experienced. Palin has neither brain nor experience. Ok, maybe Alaska’s a different sort of place and it requires a different sort of governing, but we’re now talking about the whole country, and the world. I want my politicians to be smart, educated, and experienced. By choosing Palin, McCain has shown me that he is not being smart about the people he’s surrounding himself with. You’re telling me that there were no other candidates, men or women, who were more educated and more experienced in the Republican Party, and who also could appease the Moral Majority/Religious Right? If so, shame on the RNC for not attracting those kinds of people into leadership roles.

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