| September 5, 2008 11:40 AM

I have a friend whose name I will withhold for privacy reasons.  Let’s just call him “Stan”.

When Stan was a baby his mom called him “Big Head” which probably sounds more endearing in Chinese.  People always love when he tells this story.  He even told it in a testimony at a prison.  Recently I was looking through old photos and I noticed that though he has a decent sized head, it’s the size of his mouth that we really care about.

Stan is one of the smarter people I know which is saying something because I know lots of smart people.  However Stan is in this strange world where he wants to be an everyday guy yet he finds himself often being outraged by how stupid other people are.

Stan is a charismatic guy who makes friends easily with both guys and girls.  Yet even though many women have liked him, he’s still single.  I think God’s still mad at him for the time a girl in a bar asked for his phone number and he gave her a fake one.

Stan is a very athletic guy.  When we used to play basketball he had one of the highest verticals, which is not saying much because he was in a church gym full of nerds.  Still I admired watching him get the rebounds with one hand and then smash the basketball into his other.  One day though he had to get surgery on his knee and his vertical was gone.  I tried to offer him advice on how to rehabilitate it but he just kept laughing at me.

Stan likes to use analogies to make a point.  Their purpose is to provide a simple illustration for his point.  But I always found holes in his analogies which really annoyed him.  I stopped doing that — he’s bigger than me.

The inspiration for this post is that recently Stan and I have been IM’ng about this election and I asked him if he read my blog.  He said no so I told him I’d write a blog post about him, knowing that he won’t read it. 🙂

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eyeman wrote a comment on September 6, 2008

That’s a good alias, very thoughtful of you.

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