MLB Divisional Playoff Thoughts

 | October 3, 2008 9:33 PM

Phillies beat Brewers

Game 1 – The Brewers pitching was better than expected and Gallardo might not have given up any runs if the Brewers fielding had not failed him.  I thought the Phillies made a mistake bringing in Lidge when Hamels had not even thrown 100 pitches.  Maybe they wanted Lidge to gain some confidence with an easy save which it proved not to be.

Game 2 – CC Sabathia continues to struggle in the postseason.  Maybe he finally ran out of gas.  And Myers continues to be an enigma, amazingly talented but you never know which Myers you will get.  On this day it was the good myers.

Game 3 – Wow, go Dave Bush.  Didn’t expect anyone else besides CC to beat the Phillies.

Game 4 – Wow, go Joe Blanton.  Didn’t see that one coming.

Dodgers beat Cubs

Game 1 – Dempster struggles as I expected but to be fair, the umpire seemed to be squeezing the strike zone and Dempster had trouble adjusting to that.  Lowe proved he’s still a big time pitcher.  Manny is Manny, hits a home run.

Game 2 – Zambrano pitched better than I expected but Billingsley was amazing.  Manny is Manny, hits another home run.  And the Dodger lineup continues to score lots of run, I expected them to do well but not this well.  And I did not expect the Cubs to field and hit so poorly.

Game 3- Kuroda shuts out the best offense in the NL.  Was he that good or did the Cubs really choke?

Red Sox beat Angels

Game 1 – Lester was great but it seems like the Angels are choking.  They couldn’t hit, Vlad runs through a stop sign and gets thrown out at 3rd while running like his legs are broken.

Game 2 – Angels continue to choke.  Nice to see J.D. Drew hit the home run.  Papelbon is nuts.  K-Rod proves again he is overrated.  Some not too bright team is going to pay K-Rod too much money this offseason.

Game 3 – Finally the Angels win!  Nice to see Jered Weaver get the win.

Game 4 – I never liked the sacrifice bunt.  But it worked for the Angels in Game 3.  Too bad it along with the suicide squeeze failed so spectacularly in Game 4.  If the suicide squeeze had worked then the Angels probably would have won this game because they wouldn’t have needed to keep Scot Shields pitching.  By the way, doesn’t Lackey seem like such a jerk, glowering, yelling at his teammates, etc?  Reminds me of Dave Stieb.

Rays beat White Sox

Game 1 – I was shocked when I saw the White Sox jump to a three run lead on the unexpected home run.  But the Rays came back and beat them quite handily.  Evan Longoria is going to be an MVP one day.  And I enjoyed the yelling match between Balfour and Cabrera. Grant Balfour is amazing, I’m not sure why he’s not the closer.

Game 2 – Kazmir shows he’s not too bright.  He hits Orlando Cabrera, apparently because he was mad at him for yelling at his fellow pitcher, Balfour.  Orlando ends up scoring but the Rays still won.

Game 3- Danks is really good.

Game 4 – B.J. Upton hits two home runs.  Can’t believe he only hit nine home runs during the season, it might have been because he had a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

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