Vice-Presidential Debate

 | October 3, 2008 9:29 AM

This debate was quite entertaining.  I enjoyed the pace and I thought the moderator did a great job.

I was hoping Governor Sarah Palin would do well because I thought the teasing of Palin had reached a point of mean-spiritedness.  I enjoyed the SNL skit but I didn’t think it was fair that Governor Palin had become a national joke.  I was also expecting Governor Palin would do well because she has a history of doing well in debates and I think people underestimate how intelligent she is.

So I was happy to see Governor Palin do well.  She showed command of foreign and domestic policy and made good points about Obama’s record.  To be fair, this debate was a good environment for her.  She was able to control what she would talk about and was able to use her charisma and her camera presence.

Senator Biden though was the one who actually impressed me more.  I thought his attacks on Senator McCain were pointed, clear and the ones I wish Senator Obama had made.  I appreciated his emotion when he talked about being a single parent, I didn’t even know he had been one.  His expertise on domestic and foreign policy was quite evident.

Overall I am not sure if this debate helped either ticket but at least it wasn’t a disaster as some expected for the Republicans.

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essny wrote a comment on October 5, 2008

Ya know… Palin winked at ME!!!!!

I would argue that Palin meandered, not really answering the questions directly, and that her success is due to the very low expectations people had of her. That said, I agree that Biden did really well. Someone else I was talking to mentioned that Biden was much more passionate when going against McCain’s record because Biden has the leeway to be the bulldog (my word, not my friend’s). The VP doesn’t have to act so presidential, per se.

Anyway, this is the funniest entry about that VP debate:

From gawker (yeah, yeah, I know…)

Apropos of nothing, here’s a clip of Sarah Palin during last night’s debate, calling Joe Biden “Senator O’Biden.” A momentary crossing of synapses that caused her to mix him up with his younger, multiracial running mate? Or just a sly nod to America’s Irish voters? Either way, it caused Joe to break into his Cheshire Cat smile, as he thought “This lady is none too bright. But I’d still like to make out with her.”

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