Victoria’s First Birthday

 | October 7, 2008 10:53 PM

In July we had a small celebration for Victoria’s first birthday. My parents flew in from Toronto and brought Korean clothes for everyone to wear including a brand new outfit for Victoria. The first day we celebrated with a traditional rice birthday cake. On the second day we celebrated with a lemon cake Ji Seon made herself. You can see more photos of the celebration here.

2 Responses to “Victoria’s First Birthday”

ilene wrote a comment on October 8, 2008

awww too cute!!!! yr kids are growing up so quickly!!! victoria looks more and more like her older brothers!

thanks for posting! more pictures of the kids, please!

arthi wrote a comment on October 10, 2008

belated birthday wishes to victoria!!
all 3 look soo cute in their traditional clothes!!

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