MLB LCS Predictions

 | October 9, 2008 10:52 AM

I got three out of four right in my Divisional Playoff predictions, let’s see how I do in the LCS.

Dodgers over Phillies in 5 games

In my opinion, the NL LCS is easier to predict.  LA seems much better than Philadelphia for several reason.

  1. LA’s rotation is much better.
  2. LA’s offense looks to be as potent as Philadelphia’s.  And Utley is not playing well, it seems he is playing hurt.
  3. LA’s bullpen is better.

The key for the Phillies is for Hamels to win two games, Myers to win at least one and someone else to win at least one.

Here is how I see the series breaking down.

  1. Dodgers win.  Lowe beats Hamels though this could go the other way.  This should be a close, low scoring game.
  2. Dodgers win.  Billingsley beats Myers.  This could also go the other way, you never know which Myers you will get.
  3. Dodgers win.  Kuroda beats Moyer.
  4. Dodgers win.  Kershaw beats Blanton.  If it’s Maddux, then maybe Blanton beats Kershaw.
  5. If necessary, Lowe vs. Hamels will be another close game.

I am going to predict Dodgers in 5.

Rays overs Red Sox in 6 games

In many ways you have to favor the Red Sox.  They have much more experience, they have the better bullpen, the better offense, and they just play like a team that thinks it is supposed to win.

I do see though these things that favor the Rays.

  1. The Rays beat the Red Sox in the season series.
  2. The Rays beat them in consecutive series in September.
  3. The Red Sox are hurting.  Mike Lowell won’t play, Drew’s back hurts and we have no idea which Beckett we’ll get.
  4. The Rays have home field advantage and are excellent at home.

Here is how I see the series breaking down.

  1. Rays win.  Shields beats Dice-K in a low scoring game.
  2. Red Sox win.  Beckett pitches better than expected and beats Kazmir.
  3. Red Sox win.  Lester continues his postseason dominance.
  4. Rays win.  Rays beat up on Wakefield, Sonnastine does enough to win.
  5. Rays win.  Shields beats Dice-K again.
  6. Rays win.  Becketts runs out of gas, Kazmir rises to the challenge.
  7. Lester sits wondering why he didn’t pitch earlier.

This could easily go the other way.  It really depends on how healthy Beckett is.  If the Red Sox were healthy I think they’d beat the Rays.

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roger wrote a comment on October 9, 2008

your predictions are always so dependent on pitching matchups!

fkimplicity » World Series Predictions sent a pingback on October 22, 2008

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