Presidential Debate III

 | October 16, 2008 4:11 PM

This last debate was definitely the most entertaining.  I was concerned at the beginning as McCain started off on the offensive with a smile while Obama looked annoyed the whole time.  But Obama was able to come back and I think in the end carried the debate.

As Patrick Healy of the New York Times reports, it seems that Obama has mastered “staying cool and irritating your opponent.”

From Bill Clinton to John McCain, Senator Barack Obama has proved adept at driving very smart politicians out of their comfort zone, leading them to make comments or embrace tactics that end up backfiring.

Now we are in the home stretch and as this map shows, it comes down to six states, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia.  The New York Times is projecting Obama to win the election because it just moved Virginia into the leaning on Obama category.  But anything can happen which makes this election so entertaining.  A lot more fun than baseball or football. 🙂

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